Supported Ceph packagesΒΆ

Mirantis provides its own Ceph packages with a set of patches that are not included in the community yet but are crucial for customers and internal needs. The supported LTS release of Ceph is Jewel. And the only supported distribution is 16.04 Xenial Xerus.

Mirantis keeps the patches as minimal and non-intrusive as possible and tracks the community releases as close as reasonable. To publish an urgent fix, intermediate releases can be issued. The packages are available from the following APT repository

deb jewel-xenial main

The following table lists packages provided for upgrades only:

Ceph release Ubuntu release APT repository
Jewel 14.04 deb jewel-trusty main
Hammer (0.94.x) 14.04 deb hammer-trusty main
Hammer (0.94.x) 12.04 deb hammer-precise main
Firefly 14.04 deb firefly-trusty main
Firefly 12.04 deb firefly-precise main


Packages for old LTS releases and Jewel for Ubuntu 14.04 are intended for upgrade purposes only and are not maintained other than fixing bugs hindering the upgrade to Jewel and Ubuntu 16.04.