Ceph monitoringΒΆ

Decapod may support integration with various monitoring systems. It ships with simplistic in-house monitoring tool ceph-monitoring. Also, it is possible to integrate with other tools like Prometheus via Telegraf. In future there will be more choices presented, please check the list of supported plugins.

ceph-monitoring is a tool which collects statistics on cluster state and monitors performance from time to time, you may consider it as executed by Cron.

admin service serves collected data. To access it, check DECAPOD_MONITORING_PORT environment variable (default is 10001). So, if you access Decapod like, docs will be served on

If you do not have information on cluster which was just deployed, please wait ~15 minutes and try again. If data is still not accessible, please check logs of admin service. You can get them with following command:

$ docker-compose -p myprojectname logs admin