Admin serviceΒΆ


The Admin service must be used only by experienced users and administrators.

Along with ordinary Decapod Docker containers, docker-compose runs an optional but strongly recommended service called the admin service. This service provides special containers that act like a lightweight virtual machine with configured command-line interface and a decapod-admin tool that performs maintenance of low-level operations on Decapod or cluster.

This service has a number of additional utilities, such as vim, nano, less, jq, yaql, jmespath-terminal, and jp. Vim is configured as a default editor. Basically, it means that you can execute decapod from a container as is.

root@7252bfd5947d:/# decapod user get-all
        "data": {
            "email": "",
            "full_name": "Root User",
            "login": "root",
            "role_id": "e6ba587a-6256-401a-8734-8cead3d7a4c7"
        "id": "7a52f762-7c2d-4164-b779-15f86f4aef2a",
        "initiator_id": null,
        "model": "user",
        "time_deleted": 0,
        "time_updated": 1487146111,
        "version": 1
root@7252bfd5947d:/# decapod user get-all | jp '[0].id'
root@7252bfd5947d:/# decapod user get-all | jq -r '.[0]|.id'

The admin service runs Cron jobs that perform Keystone synchronization, monitoring, and data collection.

Additionally, the Decapod admin service enables various maintenance and admin tasks as described in the following topics.