Monitor CephΒΆ

Decapod supports integration with various monitoring systems. By default, it uses an in-house tool called ceph-monitoring. You can also integrate Decapod with other tools, such as Prometheus through Telegraf. For a list of supported plugins, see Playbook plugins.

The ceph-monitoring tool collects statistics on the cluster state and monitors its performance by running particular scripts under the admin service.

To access the collected data:

  1. Obtain the Decapod monitoring port. The port is the value of the DECAPOD_MONITORING_PORT environment variable and is 10001 by default.
  2. Access the data using the obtained port and your credentials. For example, if you access Decapod using, the data will be served on

If there is no information available about a recently deployed cluster, try again in 15 minutes. If the data is still not accessible, obtain the logs of the admin service:

$ docker-compose -p myprojectname logs admin