Decapod is a tool that simplifies the deployment and lifecycle management of Ceph. Using Decapod, you can deploy clusters with best known practices, add new nodes to a cluster, remove them, and purge a cluster, if required. Decapod provides a simple API to manage cluster configurations. Also, you can use the Decapod web UI to easily manage your clusters.

Decapod uses Ansible with the ceph-ansible community project to deliver the best user experience. For tasks, you can use plugins that encapsulate the appropriate settings. Also, you can customize the configuration before execution, if required.

Decapod provides the following functionality:

  • Deploying Ceph on remote nodes
  • Adding and removing Ceph roles on machine (for example, deploying an OSD or removing a monitor)
  • Purging a cluster
  • Upgrading and updating clusters
  • Managing partitions on disk devices for Ceph

However, Decapod does not cover:

  • Providing a server for PXE
  • Managing DHCP
  • Managing networks by all means
  • Managing host OS packages
  • Deploying OS
  • Managing partitions on disks that are not related to Ceph